Les eaux

documentation céline duval

video installation

sound : Virginie Viel


Curated by Glassbox

Cité internationale universitaire, Paris

Maison Internationale, piscine

Event, February 7, 2009


Photos : Pierre-Alain Marassé / doc-cd / S. Moura / P. Bissières
Invited by Glassbox, the documentation céline duval moves for one night into the swimming pool of the International House at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris.


Céline Duval’s proposal consists of an ephemeral device taking up the metaphore of the insolated sheet that is slipped by the photographer into the developer pool to make appear the details composing the photography. A slideshow of “bathers” resulting of this documentation will be projected onto the entire surface of the screen and Virginia Veil backs the installation with her sonic interventions especially conceived in relation to Céline Duval’s images and to the peculiar acoustics of this swimming pool dating from the 1950s.


The public is invited to participate at the rereading of the place, using the walkway that hangs over the pool.