white room – horizons 5

documentation céline duval

solo show


June18 — July 2008

White Columns, New-York (USA)


Photos : Gilgian Gelzer
White Columns is pleased to present the first New York solo exhibition by the Calvados, France-based artist Céline Duval (b. 1974 Saint-German-n-Laye, France). Duval’s installation ‘Horizons V’ consists of a single-channel video projection with accompanying sound. Presented in the manner of a digital-slide show ‘Horizons V’ is a sequence of ‘found’ photographic images – snapshots from different eras – that depict people posing against a backdrop of the ocean. Prominent in each image is a horizon line, which – due to its position within each respective image – appears to slowly rise and fall as the sequence unfolds. Accompanying the visual ‘ebb and flow’ is an audio recording of the sound of the sea, that sets in motion a tautological dialog between image and sound. Like many of Duval’s projects – which since 1998 are typically presented under the name documentation céline duval – ‘Horizons V’ proposes a complex interrogation of questions of memory, temporality, melancholy and the role that both the archive and (digital) photography play in such processes and procedures.


Céline Duval’s work has been shown internationally since 1997. Working extensively with found imagery and printed matter she has produced more than 30 artist’s publications, including the series of ‘cahiers d’images’ (2001-2002) made in collaboration with Hans Peter Feldmann. For extensive documentation of her activities visit: www.doc-cd.net. A text related to ‘Horizons’ entitled “Conceptual art for families” by Pierre Leguillon is available from the gallery.